In the 1960's and 70's physicians believed that sleep disorders were rare and untreatable. Today we know that both these opinions are wrong and the field of sleep medicine has grown dramatically.

This year more than 4000 physicians, psychologists, researchers, technologists and industry representatives will attend the annual meeting of the Association of Professional Sleep Societies (APSS).

There are now several hundred accredited sleep centers in the US and Canada devoted to helping people solve their sleep problems. A number of American and international scientific journals are devoted entirely to sleep and its disorders.

The public has access to a large and growing amount of information about sleep in the press, on radio and TV. We are the first and only American Academy of Sleep Medicine [AASM] -accredited sleep center in the South Bay of Los Angeles County, California. Our mission is to treat people with sleep problems and disorders. We believe that you no longer have to suffer fitful sleep, being awake night after night and feeling washed out day after day. There is hope.

Please explore our website and please view my FAQ video to find out more about sleep and about getting help for your sleep problem.

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Dr. Kneisley's Medical Office
23560 Madison St. # 205
Torrance, CA 90505
310- 530-8822

Consultations are in the 23560 Madison office.
Overnight testing is in the AASM-accredited sleep recording facility at 3333 Sky Park drive, just across the parking lot.

Dr. Kneisley is the Medical Director of the TMMC Sleep Disorders Center, which is AASM-accredited located on the first floor of the McMillan medical office building.
Contact Patrick Moday, Chief Sleep Technologist @ 310-517- 4617.

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